Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Happy New Year!

Winter is here this morning in our little village. The visitors are all snug in their beds so I am stealing a bit of blog time before we hit the road. I will be gone till next week and want to wish you all a Happy, Healthy New Year. May your goals be realistic and be attained! I will probably not post until next week some time.

I have been pondering my goals and ambitions for the New Year. I think they are achievable. The good part is they are able to be updated and rearranged as life happens and I know it will.

* I have big home dec goals this year and sewing will definitely be part of that. As soon as we get back from our trip next week it will be off to the paint store to get things started. Our home has a "great room" type of design encompassing the living room, dining area, good sized kitchen, and office. We will be painting the ceilings, walls and trim, white trim, green walls and maybe an accent wall in the office area. Not sewing but because of this I want to slipcover the couch. That appears to be a major project but also one with major impact. This home and furniture is six years old now and everything could use a bit of spiffing up. So slipcover the couch!

* The other home dec project is my sewing room. My BFF gave me a great sculpture, kinda sorta a dress form, that goes on the wall and it looks great. I need to continue with organization, and the big sewing plan for this room is to slipcover my office chair. I can't seem to find the fabric I want, so have rethought to a white denim with some embellishment. I think I will do this before the couch because that room will be close to complete compared to the major overhaul of the living areas.

* I need more shirts. I love shirts, the kind you iron and that look crispy. I would like more white ones which I don't think anyone could ever have enough of. I have a couple of TNTs for this project so should be able to start right in on this goal.

* Make more dolly clothes, the crack of sewing. They are so stinkin' cute, quick, and such fun. They have great options for creativity. The best part is to see a totally appreciative little girl's eyes light up when they recieve them. Sewing doesn't get much better than that.

So these, other than the big couch redo, I think are all pretty manageable. Last year I did the pants a month pledge and by month six really had more pants than I needed. So I am not going to put any particularly time frame on these projects but more one of prioritizing. Right now I think it is office chair and dolly clothes. I will leave you with a darling design my friend Rett linked me to:

It is a Vogue 7486, OOP.

Thanks so much, everyone, for the lovely feedback on the red dress. We are really looking forward to this event. We don't get out like this often ; ). 

Happy New Year everyone!!!.....Bunny


  1. What a beautiful snow pic. Have a safe & great trip, enjoy the red dress event (you will look smashing!), and Happy New Year to you too.

  2. How beautiful! Both the scene and the dress.

  3. The dress is so sweet ! I love the snowy picture too how beautiful. Have a great time in your red dress :-)

  4. It is sunny and bright here... so I loved your pic this morning! And I really like the unique dress at the end... very cute!

  5. OMG, that snow picture is amazing! So gorgeous!

    You have some great plans for 2012. I am sure you will accomplish all with style and aplomb!

    Happy New Year!

  6. Bunny I agree with everyone else the snow picture is so beautiful - however I suspect the cold and the difficulties of walking and driving in the snow are somewhat different. The little dresses are so pretty. Have a wonderful time at your party, I am sure you will be the belle of the ball.

    Happy New Year.

  7. Happy New Years and be safe in your travels! That Snowy Lane is beautiful!

  8. Beautiful snow picture! It's been very warm here this Christmas and the girls feel they are missing something, they want a little of that icy magic!
    Sewing a slipcover sounds difficult and expensive if it doesn't work out. It's a lot of fabric! How do you do it? I'd love to recover my couch, but intimidated.
    Have a wonderful 2012!

  9. Bunny! Congrats on the photo spread in the most recent Threads magazine. What a thrill that must be...happy new year. Beth Kauffman from Philly/

  10. Oh, I wish we had snow like that! It's been so warm where I am that it's hard to feel like it's even winter. I'm a snow and cold lover, and your picture is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Happy, Happy New Year, Bunny! Have a wonderful time being Cinderella in your beautiful red dress! You look smashing in it!


  12. Happy New Year Bunny! Have fun with your redecorating and renovating---and sewing doll clothes :-)

  13. The snow photograph is spectacular! Thank you for posting. Take care and best wishes for a happy new year. Chris

  14. Beautiful photograph, Bunny!
    I hope you and your family have a fantastic Happy New Year!

  15. Great snowy photo,'ve got more than us but they are predicting several days of heavy snow around here, starting tomorrow.

    "Congrats on the photo spread in the most recent Threads magazine"???? Huh??? I didn't know about this!! I need to find a copy!

    Safe travels, Honey & Happy New Year!

    (who took out her own stitches yesterday & can finally type again!)

  16. I was reading your posts and wanted to know if you have a tutorial on smocking? i want to learn and cant find a tutorial anywhere. please help?


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