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Friday, January 6, 2012

Office Chair Slip Cover Part One


Last night I could barely sleep trying to work out the construction of this slipcover and the problematic arms. Long about 4:00AM my Eureka moment occurred. Make a muslin, duh!!! I got right on it as soon as I found a few moments this afternoon. Above you can see Muslin #1. Its clumsy, has been manipulated a lot, but is a good basis for Muslin #2.

I took the pieces apart, pressed them, added SAs where needed and then cut out Muslin #2.

You can see the improvement here. There will be a placket below the arm which despite it's washing issues will have a velcro closure. The front edge will connect to the seat side, I think. My Sunset book definitely needs some face time.

A dear sewing friend will be doing some embroidery on the top front so I am really excited about that. I'm also going to make a little butt pillow to sit behind my lower back. I think I will ruffle that and it will be sweet. Did anyone notice anything different about the floor?  No show until the big reveal but the floor got dealt with in this redo as well and wow, did that make a difference and I love it. Also peaking out is a neat sculpture my BFF gave me for Christmas and it works well in the room. So my goal of function and pretty is coming along. Tomorrow morning DH and I are hitting the heavy Martha shelf. Could be interesting.....

Nonie, from Everything Sewing asked, "Will you be using the scallop edge in your design? I love the soft scallops."  Yes, I will. I hope to use the scallops on the bottom of the skirt. I am going to also try to squeeze as much fabric as I can out of this as I want to make the butt pillow, and hopefully three machine covers. It will be a tight squeeze but with the machine covers I can maybe use some white duck or such for the backs....Bunny


  1. I think some of the fun is in the planning... anticipating that finished result! Have fun!

  2. So fun!! I can't wait to see as you progress. Any covered buttons on yours? They don't take up much fabric! Heehee!!!!!

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  4. Yay, Bunny - I knew you'd find a solution in the end! Night-time inspiration can be tiring, but doesn't it feel great when it works out so well!
    Can't wait to see more pictures!

  5. You never fail to amaze me at the stuff you're willing to tackle AND how your mind works around such ideas! I freq. find the solution to my problems in my sleep. I hope it works out right for you.

    Do be aware that if you wear newer jeans to sew in, you're liable to have the color rub off onto the white fabric. It was a big issue with all those white slipcovers that were so popular awhile ago.

    Kudos, Hugs & enthusiastic applause for your article in Threads Magazine! I will look for that issue. I'm so proud & feel blessed to know you!



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