Monday, January 23, 2012

Pretty & Pink Bag

Today's sewing started with a trip to the felter. Some hand dyed wool strips were needle felted into the front of the bag.
Then I pulled out some wools and later some embroidery threads to get  some stems on the bag. There will be three larger stems, not shown, that will end under the flowers. This is like embroidering through a board with the thick felt and interfacing but it's manageable. Tonight I should finish the embroidery and then be able to finish up the bag. I think it will be cute in a whimsical sort of way, at least I hope so.


A few days ago I showed a piece of sweater that I had practiced some "foiling" on. I decided I wanted a more matte silver and ordered a roll from Jones Tones. It came in today and they tucked into the package all sorts of their glitter samples. I haven't played with glitter in years. It is a fine glitter, not that chunky stuff I had in grammar school, and the colors are cool like hologram midnight blue and such. I really think these will be passed on to Sophie, as fun as they are. I have no affiliation here but can say they have given me excellent fast service and very quick turnaround. Its an interesting website too with lots of creative possibilities.


It may feel like I am beating you over the head with showing this shelf a second time but yesterday I had to empty it, empty the adjoining wall and counter, and put it up on another wall. Now I am pleased with its placement. I had to take down my favorite pictures so they are just sitting there until I get them up on a different wall. My Dior poster is down too. I like how the antique canning jars fit just right now under the ribbons. In them are buckles, all my overdyed  flosses, and other goodies. On top are rovings and angelina. This part of the room re-dec is done, no more changes! Next will be the the slipcover. So we are getting closer. I can't wait till its done. But is it ever? ....Bunny


  1. Love the pink... and just love this shelf! Inspirational!

  2. It all looks great, and I reckon the bag will be fab!

  3. This will definitely be cute in a whimsical sort of way!

  4. I have used the fine glitter and it is really cool looking. I am going to look up a sample I did, using it on a machine embroidery and post it for you to see. It may be something you want to hold onto and play with. Once it's set into the glue (JonesTones) it does not come off in the wash.

  5. That shelf is such a wonderful addition to your beautiful PINK cave, Bunny! I need to spruce up my inspire me.

    I'm happy to see all the fun you're having with that felter! The PINK bag is going to be awesome.


  6. Gwen I will email you. If you can give me a good reason to keep this glitter I will. I've already got the glue.

    The felter was a small investment in a lot of fun. I find it can really springboard my creativity.

  7. Bunny - I love the creativity that is going on in your studio - it's such an inspiration!

  8. Bunny glad to see you pull out your felter - I bought one last year and haven't done enough with it, but my recent Sew Direct magazine has some great ideas for texturing fabrics that I am chomping at the bit to try out.

    I really need to give up work to concentrate on my creative side (sadly I need to work to finance it too) boo hoo

  9. Bunny - your pink bag is one of the most gorgeous things in the universe!
    I am in awe of your creativity!


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