Friday, January 27, 2012

Ready for the Beach!

This is what I have been up to the past day and a half. Last weekend my BFF came over with a little topper thingy to throw over her swimsuit when she goes on vacation to Mexico next week. She asked if I could make or her one, or two, or howabout four? No problem. This was simple. I sent her shopping and she came back with some really thin knit that I think is Joann's Jet Set. It's very stretchy and would make a wonderful lining for a knit garment. She also gave me a little bag reminiscent of one filled with penny candy. (She sells penny candy in her store in Canada.) It was filled with assorted chotchkees to mimic the circular connection on the original garment. While I let out a little moan about "I don't know how I am going to do it" she spoke that eternal response every seamstress recieves. "You know how to do it. I know you'll come up with something good." I actually like that she has such faith in me but even more that she gives me free reign. She is not the clientzilla we all know but someone who respects my creative vision and just gives me full reign. So here is what I came up with. I'll start with the simplest iteration, the brown cover up which exactly mimics the original inspiration.

Pretty simple, eh? Next is the black version. For this one I used my own rings,left the straps very long, and tied a knot in them. The picture is wicked brightened.

  I really like this look. Next in the queue is the navy coverup. She purchased some "pendants", cute enough, but they were out of glass. She will be washing these by hand and drip drying. OK for the glass fishies.
Again, this was brightened for the pleasure of your viewing, (wink).

And last but not least, my favorite and the most beachy, IMO, the turquoise. In her goody bag were two big maybe plastic hoop type pendants. There was no way these were going to work the way she gave them to me. But if I flipped the small circle out of the big circle and let it dangle....SCORE! I think this one looks pretty hot and will be great with her blonde coloring.
And we are done this project. I hope she has a great two weeks in Mexico. I'll be content to live vicariously up here in the snow....Bunny


  1. Wow, I love them all!! Each of the different chotchkees is used so creatively. Dreaming of a tropical paradise now.

  2. wow these are great, but my fav is the last turquoise one (this is one of my fav colours).

  3. Those are so cute!! I'm sure she'll look wonderful lounging in Mexico.

  4. Your BFF must plan to spend all her time in a swimsuit or she has a lot of swimsuits that needed color coordinated cover-ups. Sigh, I would love go to Mexico for 2 weeks and wear cute cover-ups with unique trims.

  5. Since Turquoise is MY most favorite color (along with RED) I like the last one the best but each one looks great on its own merit. Very nice of you to come up with all the different variations for her. You ARE good, ya' know!


  6. What a nice wardrobe of cover ups to wear at the beach, or sitting on a deck, sipping a drink that has an umbrella in it!

  7. Nice work...I noticed your stamped logo tag on the first picture. How do you accomplish this? Do you have a previous post on this technique?

  8. Oops...nevermind, I think it's on the camera. I just noticed it posting similarly in all photos...but do you label items?


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