Pretty & Pink Felted Bag

Pattern: My own design. I think this is the third iteration you've seen. It's a simple cuffed tote with a curved bottom, fully lined.

Fabric: This bag is  a true upscycle. The sweater was a Gap sweater picked up at the local consignment shop and felted in my machines. The lining was from a much loved silk skirt at least ten years old. I had no plans of ever wearing it again but loved the fabric so it has been stash sitting. The stems and flowers are more hand dyed wools. (I can't wait till warm weather arrives so I can do some more dyeing outside.)

Constuction: This version has wool embroidery and hand dyed wool appliques on the front. The wool flowers that were too big for a former project were just the right size to utilize here.  In connecting the cuff section I used a triple zigzag stitch, one of my faves. The cuff and bag body were butted together over an inch wide poly ribbon for strength. They were then triple ZZ'd twice around the bag. The wool is backed with Decor Bond fusible interfacing and the lining is backed with a weft insertion interfacing.

On this version I decided to add a large snap to a short strap at the end of the lining inside the bag. This keeps the bag from hanging open.

The handle was made from the cording and facings of the sweater. There are buttonholes in the facings but you will never find them in the braided strap. Because I was limited in available length I made more strap out of the hand dyed wool. It was very thick to sew through but once under the presser foot it squooshed right down. The green part of the strap is topstitched. 

Conclusion: I think it is cute and whimsical and that is not something I normally can pull off but it seemed to work here. This is a gift for someone who is also very whimsical herself and loves being "pretty and pink". I know she will like it and even better, appreciate it.


While I was handstitching the lining in, this was my view out of the window. I had the camera right next to me. Usually by the time I get the camera they are gone. It is relatively warm and the deer are not yarding up like they usually do all winter, taking time to come out of their yards for a stroll and maybe an old apple under the snow.


I have a bit of client work to do next but aside from that my next plan is the slipcover for my office chair. I am a bit intimidated. I don't know why as I actually re upholstered a living room set once. Swore I would never do it again and haven't. But slipcovering, I think I can handle. I have been following Sivje over at Goosegirl Sews as she is currently slipcovering a chair. She is GOOOOD! She makes it look so easy. Another cyber sewing friend just sent me the piece of fabric for the back of the chair, all exquisitely monogrammed. I am so grateful for her efforts and she knows it (wink). Then someone else told me she is having a slipcover made. The seamstress came to the house with the fabric and welting and the scissors started flashing. Pin, cut, and STAPLE.  She stapled the entire slipcover, with welting, in the home, took it off the couch, and left for her shop to stitch it up. Now I am really intimidated...........Bunny


  1. Bunny, I love your bag. The embelishment makes it even more special. I'm sure that your friend will cherish this gift. I know that I would.

  2. Love your view...and your bag. That slip covering over on Goosegirl sure does look sooooo easy!! LOL

  3. This is so gorgeous...your friend is truly lucky to be the recipient of such a gift!

  4. The bag is absolutely beautiful! I am fairly new to your blog, your work is really inspirational. What a super gift.

  5. It's lovely! And so creative, too.

  6. Great job, Bunny! I love the pretty soft colors & textures of this bag & I know the lucky recipient will as well.
    I, too, snapped photos of some deer outside my sewing room window. GMTA! LOL They are all foraging for food here.

    I'm off to see what Sivje is up to.
    BTW, I'm sure you'll do fine with the slipcover. You always think things through so meticulously...I can't wait to see it.


  7. Your bag turned out just beautiful, as expected! Very creative use of the felted sweater. :) Love everything about it and your step by step instructions are excellent.

  8. The bag is absolutely gorgeous!

  9. Awesome as usual! Thank you for sharing your talents with are truly inspiring.

  10. Your bags just keep getting better and better! This one is so spring! Easter! And just lovely.


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