Sunday, January 29, 2012

Pretty and Pink felted bag, Part # 3

The body of the bag has been put together with all of its embroidery completed. This wool is very thickly felted, stitchable but thick. To eliminate bulk I decided to butt the edges of the bag body and the cuff . Underneath I inserted some poly ribbon to straddle the two sides. First I straight stitched the body of the bag to the ribbon.

Then the wrong side of the cuff was butted up to the right side of the bag. This way the seams will be hidden when the cuff is turned down. I pinned the cuff to the ribbon. You can see the ease I planned in as the cuff needs to be a tad larger than the bag to fall properly. This fabric is so easy to ease. You just give it a little push and it is in there without any ripples. You can see how I angled back the ends of the seam to also eliminate some bulk.

I used a triple zigzag at it's widest width to straddle the two edges. I went twice around the bag to be sure. You can see the stitch on the ribbon inside the bag.

After that I straight stitched the ribbon to further secure the bag and cuff.
The cuff was then folded over, steamed with the iron and press cloth and held with the clapper till cool to build in some memory.
And this is my lining fabric, cut out and interfaced. It is an old silk skirt. I haven't worn this skirt since I retired but always loved the fabric. It's time has come and it will be the lining for this bag. As usual I interfaced the lining with weft insertion fusible interfacing. The body of the bag is fused with Decor Bond. I find with these "sweater bags" it is very important to put in a lot of body, otherwise they lump and bag and stretch like an old sweater. Hopefully tomorrow the bag will be finished and I can share with you all.

Thanks for the comments on Sham's fabulous tablecloth skirt design. I think it should be renamed the "Happy Skirt" as it seems everyone who is making one has a big smile on their face in the photos. I think us more mature types are no different from little girls. We all love a good twirl......Bunny


  1. Twirling keeps you young! Love the bag, love the skirt... Love the smile while you twirl!

  2. It's going to be a darling bag! I just wish I had time to even think about thrift store sweaters, much less buy and use them. This is just another thing for me to do when I eventually retire. Don't you just love that triple zig zag stitch? It's one of my favorites. I may have to try that tablecloth skirt.


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