Sophie's Knot Dress

Here is the corner of the apron on the skirt of the dress I am currently making for Sophie. I decided to over embellish and use some of the lace I just picked up at Fabric Place. This is a Knot Dress and there are a couple of patterns out there for this design. The straps are sewn into the back bodice, come over the shoulder and go through buttonholes in the front. They are secured with a knot. I like this because it allows the garment to be adjusted and re adjusted as the child grows to just the right length, pretty smart. It does pose a small challenge but more on that later.  I am using Simplicity 21 71. It works up VERY fast and I should be finished today. I will have more details when I finish, but you know that!
Thank you, everyone for the great response to the D & G jacket. It was a very satisfying project made all that much more so because of your support and encouragement. Not sure what is next in the queue and will do some stash re arranging today to get some inspiration. I have all those lovely wools to work with but I really need to think Spring....Bunny


  1. What a tease!! I want to see what you have done to make this pattern a special bunny made dress. I know it will take my breath away, your sewing has that effect on me.

  2. stunning work - look forward to seeing it finished.

  3. Bunny, I just discovered you last week and I've been avidly devouring every word you've written . I've done a lot of French hand sewing, smocking, bag name it, I've tried it! One thing I've never tried is a Chanel jacket but after seeing your lovely D &G, I want to! All I can say is BRAVO! You're the best!


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