Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Happy Birthday, Sew Beautiful!

Happy Birthday, Sew Beautiful! This magazine is a celebration of that milestone. I decided to do a review as this is not your usual SB. It also has had pros and cons out there on the internet. I don't know what I expected. I expected BIG, new, splashy, I don't know, just not this. Instead I got a wonderful commemorative issue that I think is very special.

What first struck me was the heavy stock of the cover, sort of like what's used on Altered Couture, maybe heavier. It gives this a lot of presence and contributes to the feeling that this is not something to be tossed once read but kept and reread over and over. Then I went inside. I love how the editors picked the most popular Martha Pullen Company designs and their many many iterations to showcase the versatility and timelessness of heirloom sewing. The classic designs are shown many different ways by many beautiful little models. Lots of paper is given to boy designs, designs for teens and tweens and Moms. It is a real celebration of heirloom sewing all preserved in one quality issue.

But the very best part, I think, are the very clear instructions on how to do heirloom sewing. If you want to ever try that sort of stitchery this is all you need. The technical drawings are clear, large, and lovely. The verbage is easily understandable . Lace shaping, puffing, and all sorts of entredeaux, fabric, and lace joinings are shown and taught clearly. This makes this issue an excellent investment for the sewing library.

When I first thumbed through this I thought, "oh, there's the Pascal again, and the Frannie, and the....". Then I read it through a second and third time. Now I realize that this is a Commemoration, a celebration of all things heirloom and of the influence that Martha Pullen and Company have had on the sewing world. It belongs in the library of everyone who ever wanted to learn or does practice heirloom sewing. You won't need much more, for either inspiration or tutelage.....Bunny (NAYY!)

Still doing catchup around here but should be able to finish Sophie's latest this weekend. Then it may be on to some bag making, not sure. Here's a peak at the smocking for the top of the apron.
I swear, if I hear "cheesy grits' one more time....................................


  1. Only offensive to a true Southerner!

  2. I'm waiting patiently for my SB 25th Anniversary issue...well, not so patiently...I'm glad that you have enjoyed yours so much. Thanks for the thumbs-up! Looking forward to mine (if it will ever get here...tapping my toes here in TN...waiting patiently...not!)!

  3. Good Morning, Bunny!

    I have my SB 25th commemorative issue here beside my chair but haven't had a single minute to open it, due to DH's birthday preparations. Still not done celebrating, either...more of his kids are coming here tomorrow! I'm looking forward to some down time soon, so I can SEW some dresses! I just finished a little "coffee/joe/latte/cappachino wallhanging for the sunroom that is darling but boy, what a struggle I had with it. Whew!

    I like the happy colors & patterns of *Sophie's Choice*...sorry, I couldn't resist. LOL She has a style all her own & I know it made your heart sing when she told you she "loves" your clothes.

    Hope you have a great day, Hon.

    p.s. "cheesey grits"??? I don't get it???

    1. It seemed every time the TV was on yesterday they showed Romney, in his New England accent, exclaiming that he had "cheesy grits" and they were good. It came on for the umpteenth time while I was typing this post and I just had to comment!

      I love Annie's comment. Yes, I am a Southerner who has had much grits in her day and still cook it up and love it!

  4. Every time I go to Houston I look at the grits and can't quite make my mind up if I want to try them or not............. Perhaps next time I will just have to give them a try - they often put them next to the oatmeal and it would be easy for me to to spoon the grits on my plate instead of the oatmeal.

  5. I haven't time to read the other comments at this writing, but I certainly agree with your assessment of the 25th Anniversary publication of SB. My granddaughter, who is a tween, and is not used to buying magazines, was with me when I purchased it. She stated, "That much for a magazine?" Then she looked through the pages and oohed and awed, stating, "Those are beautiful dresses!!! This IS a great magazine!" I agree with both of you. >^..^<

  6. I was in the craft store looking to make my daughter's Baptism dress, and happened to pick up this magazine when I couldn't find anything else I love... and well I fell in love with the Heirloom Party Dress that is mid-way back (was featured in '97 & '98). I will be altering that dress to fit a newborn. My grandmother and mother loves Sew Beautiful...now I do too! Amazing issue (even if I have not seen another to compare it too LOL)


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