Friday, July 6, 2012

Vogue 8630

I have a wedding to attend in August, not a super formal affair, more a nice summer wedding. I've chosen my fabric and pattern and sure hope to get this dress done by then. It is a really simple design. My fabric is a heavier weight rayon with a very "linen-y" look. It is crisp with the darkest browns and whitest whites and lots of brown in between. I think I got it at Fabric Fix some time ago.

I will order the silk organza today to underline it and the lining as well. While waiting for that to arrive, a muslin will be made. Vogue 8630 is a classic waisted sleeveless sheath with a large portrait collar. I intend to make the collar out of a white pique. My long neck and narrow shoulders make portrait collars a style that flatters. I like how the collar overrides the shoulders a bit too. Portrait collars bring the attention up to the face and away from other areas.  I have been doing lots of weight exercise for my arms, really lots, and it finally shows so I am feeling confident about wearing a sleeveless dress, something that has bugged me in the past.
I am also thinking some sort of adornment where the collar meets off center, maybe a big brooch, or a flower or something, not sure yet. There's the belt to think about too.

The big issue with this dress is TIME. I have to finish Danny's project first and then will get started. The muslin should go quickly and I might even get a go on that this morning. I think it will be pretty when done, fingers crossed.

My bee balms are spectacular this year. They were specifically planted to attract butterflies and hummingbirds, which they do! I managed to catch a pic of one of our little hummers last night. Took quite a few clicks to get one where he was still enough to photograph.


  1. I like this pattern, it will be lovely to see it made up.

  2. I've made this pattern before and really like it. I can't wait to see your version! Good luck on Danny's project, which I'm sure is taking precedence over other things.

  3. Beautiful collar. I too have arm issues although I do have some muscles! Maybe you'll write a blog on your approach to the problem :).

    1. Lift weights about covers it. I've done that before but now I am lifting much more.

  4. That is such a lovely pattern. Very elegant. Can't wait to see your version!

  5. That will look fantastic!

    I too am lifting weights...what weight do you use? I've done 5-7# in the past and now am doing 15# VERY SLOWLY for 3 reps on each arm. There is an interesting theory that doing large weights very slowly for a few reps does as much good as more reps and less weight...

  6. Your dress plan sounds fantastic!
    Your flowers look lovely. I wonder if this is the plant called Monarda here.

  7. Love this pattern...can't wait to see the fabric done up right!

  8. the pattern is lovely - I see it with a brooch. As for the humming bird I am so jealous ....

  9. Congratulations on your confidence in your arms. For the first time in years I have been wearing sleeveless tops. The weather forced the issue but I have been lifting weights and I can feel and see a difference. I have been using the barbell and learning how to do a couple of Olympic lifts. I recommend that women take a class and do this. It is absolutely wonderful. I love lifting and the overall body strength is unbelievable!

    Cannot wait to see your dress. I love that pattern!

  10. Have you thought about a fabric flower, maybe out of some of the same colors in the dress for the "feature" at the collar, and then keep the belt classic and simple, maybe even thing about something that hooked in back, with a slightly pointed ending so it looks finished. That way you have the belt and it ads, but doesn't take away from the fabric flower. Sounds wonderfully creative and know that whatever you do will be great.

    I'm behind on your blog, but have you tried changing your password that you use to logon to Blogger?...that might stop the hijacking and hopefully Blogger is helping. Sorry you're having this problem.

  11. Bunny,
    that fabric is gorgeous - just perfect for a summer wedding. I love your humming bird photo too... what patience you must have to wait for just that perfect moment.

  12. I would think that with the beautiful patterned fabric that any extra trim should be simple, perhaps a bias around the edge of the collar, or maybe piping to match whatever belt you choose.


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