Vest or Jacket, Madame?

Thank you so much, everyone, for the lovely comments on the Ikat Jacket. I just love Ikat fabric and think it should be used more in clothing. This link will show you tons of Ikats that are available by the yard. As in my case, most are home dec prints, but a pass through the washer and dryer and you will be good to go with them. I always recommend a sample wash first, however, so please do that before throwing it all in the machine!

On to the next project. I have really not been sure what it should be. As I stare at my fabric resources there are so many options but I want the jump up and grab me fabric to start yelling my name. One possibility is this yummy wool gabardine. It is a gorgeous color that sits between cobalt blue and very deep purple. Patterns have not been clicking with me lately but I think I may be on to something with Vogue 8932.  I actually am thinking of making the vest, View C. There is a great version on PR that you can see here.

I am going to do a felting sample of the fabric to see if that will work. But then my mind really got going with maybe felting some orange wool roving and doing striped piping and before I knew it, excitement set in. I am thinking of a bit of change with the hemline. I am also concerned with the seams narrowing in toward the neck. That's fine, brings the interest up to the face, but it also means they widen at the hip so I will have to figure out a way to balance all that. The big question is how artsy do I want to get with this?

The other Marcy Tilton pattern is artsy from the get go without any further embellishment from me. My concern with this pattern is doing an  FBA. I need an FBA but there are 17 pieces in this little vest and it would be a real test of mental agility to figure that fitting conundrum out. But I like it........

Sometimes I want to go full out artsy. Then I find I don't always wear the garment as much, not because I don't like it, but because artsy colorful garments are not as versatile as solid simpletons. So there are decisions to make. We will launch something soon. Speaking of,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Monday evening I will  have what I hope you will find is a very interesting post. A clue: I will launch what I hope will be a great new series of posts. More to come Monday. In the meantime I am traveling to visit my daughters and families and get some dental work done as well. Hubby will keep the homefires burning and the wheels of the little bus turning as he delivers his precious charges.  Didn't know my hubby drove a little bus? It's his part time retirement job, one he picked up a few years after selling his business and retiring. I don't think I've ever seen a man so happy to do his daily work. He has a handful of physically and mentally challenged children that he brings to school each day. I used to go with him. He is wonderful with these 3-5 year olds and treats them so lovingly. I never thought my husband would ever be doing something like this but it has filled his retirement years with a lot of joy. We are blessed and he is surely earning his crown in heaven......Bunny


  1. Hmm, I see to remember Shams at Communing with Fabric doing the Tilton pattern. Those seams narrowing at the neckline of the other Vogue worry me for the same reason. The seam on the underside (left front as worn) seems to parallel the shape of the front opening. I wonder about changing the seaming on the right front to avid the narrowing effect, but somehow keep the funnel neck. A change beyond my ability--

    The bus shepherding sounds like a lovely opportunity for a little daily tenderness.

  2. The Marcy vests just look like they were sewn the shirt that was made on the Cosby Show. The 8932 could have the neck cut lower so the seam lines don't draw in so narrowly. A muslin will tell you if the vertical seams lie too far towards the armhole and not sitting over the bust apex like a princess seam. Once the eye is drawn too wide, the bust is that might be the whole idea of this design but I'd be tempted to use contrast binding on the armholes to emphasize the shoulders and width at the top and not feature the widening vertical seams.You are such a tiny thing maybe you don't need the bulk of double layers overlapping in front except for many things to consider...ha ha.

  3. Would love to see you do the Vogue pattern. I really love the looks/lines of this.

  4. I love 8932 also. I bought it several months ago, but haven't gotten to it yet!

  5. Hi Bunny,
    I have made V8932 twice as jackets. I lowered the neckline each time as it comes up quite high. It is meant to have raw edges which I did for one of my jackets,making it reversible . The other I made conventionally,using only a 1/4 seam as there is no seam allowance on the pattern pieces. I am very happy with both versions , the seamlines give it a great shape
    also made the Tilton in lawns-not sure your wool would work as it needs some drape.Could look very boxy.

  6. Sorry-i dont know how to post with a name! I am sarah from England

  7. I've used Vogue 8932 (leather body with sweater knit sleeves) and it was wonderful. I'm sure that no matter what you decide, it will be thoroughly awesome!

  8. Bunny, Have you seen this book yet ?
    Liesl Gibson was reading it at SAGA convention last week. Looked really interesting. Susan VH

  9. I REALLY like the Vogue pattern!

  10. I have that Marcy Tilton pattern too but would also have to do an FBA which means this pattern is going to sit in my stash for a while.

  11. The Marci Tilton is cubism in three dimensions. Picasso would have a field day with it. V8932 has flattering, interesting lines. Lots of potential there, but I've always hesitated because I thought it might only look great one way: buttoned/snapped up and in the South most people run around with their jackets open.

    Will be interested to how one of these are brought to life!

  12. Love the Vogue pattern on the right. I too admire arty pattern designs but find them hard to wear. Looking forward to whatever you are revealing on Monday...

  13. I love the Vogue pattern, and i think that the overall effect would be slimming AND tend to make you look taller as long as that neckline doesn't come up too high (making you look like a turtle with you head tucked half-way in.) The other pattern just looks all wonky to me, and boxy, too. Not a fan of that one at all.

  14. I selfishly want you to make the Vogue because I have the pattern and want to see it on a 'real person'. Thanks for the link to the Ikat fabrics.

  15. Hello--I am late with a comment, but had to say the story of your husband driving the little bus in retirement just made my week!
    Both of my children rode the little bus. The drivers who truly loved & enjoyed the children are still in my heart. Sending my child out into the challenging big world on their own was always made easier by the Wonderful Drivers we had!

    I like your new series. Quality foundations to learning are so important.

  16. Had to chime in when you mentioned felting the wool gabardine. My sister and I spent the day after Christmas puzzling over something I saw on the television series Outlander. I tuned in just as the central character, Claire, joined a group of 17th-century Scottish women twisting and pulling at a length of wet tartan on the table before them. Later, Claire was asked to pee in a bucket for their next round of activity!

    Thank goodness for Goggle, which told us that the ladies had been working or "wauking" the wool to make it impermeable to the Scottish mists and rains. The "hot piss" apparently sets the dye. For more on waulking the fabric, see here:

    So enjoy your blog from here on Cape Cod, and wishing you a wonderful New Year.

    1. That's pretty fascinating.
      BTW, I know Cape Cod well, having lived in New Bedford for many years. I miss that wonderful Portuguese food. I will look up "wauking". Who knew?


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