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Today I played with stitches. On this jacket I will have no interfacing, facings or linings. But I do feel I need something to add some stability to the edges. This is felted wool, which when felted enough, should not unravel. This allows an edge to be raw but not look raw. I use a rotary cutter to trim the edges to a nice sharp finish.  I tried a variety of stitches down a strip of felted wool along the garment's edge. Some were down the middle and some sat on the edge. I will keep you in suspense, at least for the moment, on my final decision.

I was also concerned about how I would handle the darts circulating the shoulders and played with that for a bit as well.  What you see above is not my final decision but just one of several samples. I have come to a final decision for the seams and edge treatments and am close on the additional embellishment. This has really been fun so I hope it all works out in the end. Fingers crossed here!............Bunny


  1. It will be interesting to see what you've decided for stitching. I always think that one of the elaborate decorative stitches would be fun, but n the end, simplicity usually wins. I loved my last felted jacket project. Lapped seams abounded. In the end I used a simple Bernina blanket stitch and once I got the handle on turning corners & keeping the stitch consistent, I loved using the stitch and the result. I would not have been able to lap the seams accurately without Steam a Seam. It let me enjoy the stitching and the finishing.

    1. That's a great hint, urbanite. Thank you. You are right on the "simplicty" of the stitches. I tried all sorts of options and simple and classic won out. Like minds, it seems!

  2. Looking good Bunny; can't wait to see your final choice. However, I do know that it will be classic and elegant.

    Have you posted on how you felted the wool? I would trust your instructions.............................remember what happened when I followed instructions from another blog and ruined by Linton Tweed. Still cringing over that huge failure!!


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