A little alteration!

I rarely do alterations and when I do they are only for those who truly appreciate it. The tall and lovely daughter of my friend Mary is going to the prom this weekend and the perfect dress needed a bit of help. Despite her height, the gown still needed two inches off the hem and lining. I also raised the shoulders up two inches, much needed, and that came out really well. the dress looks a bit skewed but that is because it is the appropriate length for someone five foot nine and it is on my five foot tall dress form and a bit twisted. It looks just lovely on Erin. I added the bling too which is perfectly even on Erin.

For the hem I used the Kenneth King hem technique to make quick work of it all. Love that technique and bow down to Professor King every time I use it. It is always up in my list of tutorials.

I am on the final stretch of my dress for the wedding and right now am hand picking the zipper with tortoise shell seed beads, very subtle and I love it. More to come! ....Bunny


  1. Beautiful prom dress and know the girl appreciated your alterations. Anxious to see your dress for the wedding! Karen

  2. What a pretty dress! I know that the girl has to be thrilled that you did the alterations for her!

    I'm sure that your wedding dress will be stunning. I cannot wait to see the zipper. :)

    I also love that Kenneth King technique for hems and used it last week on the bridesmaid dress for our daughter. Works fantastic!

    1. Glad to hear it worked for you, Kathy. His tips are awesome and can be found on the Threads magazine site.

  3. That color is stunning! About to go check out that hem technique

  4. Hope it helps you, Tasha.

  5. Hi Bunny,
    Can't wait to see your outfit Bunny, we all know it will be stunning.
    I have used Kenneth D Kings hemming technique, many, many times ......and who did I hear about it from.....A darling Bunny!!

  6. Glad to help the cause, Marysia! I take no credit, just passing along a wonderful technique from Professor King.

  7. Oh Bunny, your 'rules' for alterations are exactly like mine, but I'd never thought about it before. Yes indeed, only for the most special people and only if they will appreciate it. Alterations really are dire and stressful and non sewists haven't a clue. I think those hardy souls who do them for a living deserve much praise and respect!


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