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The smocking on the sideways insert continues and is actually close to being done. It is really just a simple baby wave. The magic happens with the bullion roses which I should start  soon. I will take my time with those as they are not something I do as well as I would like to do. Usually a few practice bullions on scrap fabric gets my fingers going. Each rose looks better than the last. My goal is to have them all look good and the same but I will start in the least obvious place to begin, probably at the bottom of the insert. I might do a lot of them. I'm not sure yet. 
I'm starting on a new window treatment for Audrey. It will be rod run with thin tabs and maybe bows. We'll see. What you see above is my next home dec project for ourselves. I am trying to turn this old sow of a bench into a silk purse of one. When you are short you have to have a bench in the kitchen and this will serve the purpose. At this point it is sanded down and the first coat is on, another today.
Beckie of Sew Consult asked, " I always block after smocking. I find that if the pleating threads get wet (and dry) they don't want to let go of the fabric when time to remove them. Do you have this problem?" 
Becky, I block before I start smocking, after getting it all pleated up and again after the smocking is complete and before embroidery. I like the idea of "training" my pleats and getting them in their correct positions before I start stitching. Once complete, I can do any re arranging necessary and "lock them in" with the second blocking. I haven't noticed any issues with removing the pleating threads except when I have picked one up with an embroidery stitch.... ETA: Just wanted to add that when I block I don't soak the fabric with water. Instead I use a couple of thin coats of spray starch. It is usually a bit damp throughout but not overly so. ... Bunny


  1. Your smocking looks just delicious to me, a non-smocker. I think I would have to take a class to learn it and I can imagine what a pleasurable hobby it is.

    Your little bench is just the cutest thing! I love it.

  2. I can't wait to see your beautiful roses when they are done...and BTW I got your Sunset Slipcovers & Bedspreads book on Amazon and am starting my own little upholstery project (well, that is when I'm done with my debs & brides which means it's slow right now!)

  3. Hi there Bunny

    As ever your smocking is beautifully neat, along with beautifully straight pleats.

    Sure your bullions will be fantastic. I did a dolly bag with over 75 bullions on it and have to admit it was a great way of trying to perfect my bullions!!

    Have mentioned your blog to Australian Smocking and Embroidery; they asked subscribers to mention their favourite blogs.........hope that is o.k. with you?

  4. Hi, Marysia! Feel free to mention the blog. I appreciate the props.

    Do you have email back?

    For those who don't know, Marysia lives in Turkey where certain computer applications have recently been banned.

    I was so hoping to hear from you. Shoot me an email at bunnypep at gmail dot com.

  5. Hi there Bunny,
    Thanks for your up to date email. The previous emails I had just bounced my messages back.

    Thrilled if we reconnect...............I am permanently back home in the U.K. Hope you find my message in your inbox.

    As ever thank you for your fabulous blog!! Marysia.xx


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