Monday, December 5, 2011

Butterick 5576 , A Soft Clutch with Chains

One bag done, several more to go. We'll see what time allows. I made this yesterday and it took about six hours. I don't know who will get this as a gift. I  am just going to make a bunch of bags and parcel them out once done. 

Pattern:  Butterick 5576, the same pattern I used for the felted wool clutch seen here.  Its easy but now that I have done bag number two I will complain. I don't like how the flap is cut narrower than the width of the bag. This causes the sides of the bag to stick out and I don't like that. If I do it again, and I probably will, I will cut the flap wider.

Fabric: A red/black faux leather from , of all places, Walmart, not my go to fabric source. But I tell ya', their faux leather is quite nice and I recommend it. The lining is a 100% silk paisley that has been in the stash forever. The chains look lots better in reality than on the comp. They are a black silver if that makes sense. They are photographing yellow and they are not. They are secured to the bag in the seams with waxed upholstery thread. I got the chains at WM too. They actually have a pretty nice bead department. 

Construction: Pretty straightforward with a few techniques specific to faux leather. I mentioned a couple in yesterday's post. Always "resquare" the pattern pieces after stitching. FLeather stretches easily. I recommend sewing it on a flat bed, not with the free arm, as just the hanging of the fabric to the side will stretch it out of shape. Make an effort to keep it flat as you stitch and you will be fine. Use large stitches so you don't perforate the seam line. Rub down your needle and foot bottom with Sewer's Ease and things will flow easily. Sew Slowly! It pays here. 

This bag has a wrist strap that wasn't completed when I did the pics. The hardware is all that silver black finish which I really like. I think this will be pretty versatile and hopefully make a nice gift.
Today I started and finished McCalls 5019. Sophie, if she is a good girl, may get another AG doll for Christmas. She and her friends play with these dolls for hours. They have sleepovers. 5019 is a carrier for the doll and her accessories for when a young lady goes visiting. This worked up very fast and cutely. I'll have it up tomorrow. 
It's that time of year, gifts, dollies, and decorations... I'll post the carrier tomorrow. Think lime green, hot pink, and black and white.

Thanks, everyone, for the comments regarding my cutting mats. I do cut EVERYTHING with a rotary cutter and I am not exagerating so I may use them more than most. I appreciate all the feedback. I use an Ofa in several sizes. Maybe I will try another brand soon. I could use a more ergonomic version...Bunny



  1. The bag is super. Anyone would be pleased to get their hands on it. I want to do some bag making soon. SOON. My cutting mat does have nicks in it, but not to the degree that yours has. I do turn mine 180 degrees to cut on the opposite end as one gets worn. Then I buy a new one.

  2. I love the red bag with the gold chain. The pattern website bags don't look like the flap is quite so narrow so I agree that you should widen it for the next one. Any hints where to buy the red pleather? I have some like it in brown, but the red is wonderful.

  3. The clutch looks very professional.
    You are a good woman to sew doll clothes! They seem so fiddly, I hate to think of the armscyes!


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