Tuesday, December 6, 2011

McCalls 5019, American Girl Doll Carrier

They are coming at you fast and furious! Another day, another project! This one was 6 hours on the clock start to finish.

Pattern: McCalls 5019, an doll carrier and clothing patterns for the American Girl doll, aka, the "18 inch doll" in pattern copyright speak. Easy peasy pattern.

Fabric:  100% quilting cottons, mostly from the clearance table at Joanns. This is a good size bag with a full lining and two "doll pockets" so it takes a fair amount of material compared to most totes. You can use up those scraps here and just do one fabric for the lining or whatever. I mixed and matched in and out. I wanted a look that was little girl and hip.

Construction: This was straight line construction all the way. There is a heart design provided for some Wonder Under type fused applique. I chose to satin stitch mine which is not suggested in the pattern. I can just see those hearts peeling off otherwise. Inside the bags are two pockets to hold your dolls and still plenty of room to pack you clothes for those dolly overnights!  I did veer from the pattern on the pockets, choosing instead to line them with the lighter green. This was because the black and white print telegraphed to the other side if it was self lined and looked nasty. The bag is interfaced. I used weft insertion because I had tons on hand but maybe next time would use a Decor Bond for more oomph. The bag ties together with a ribbon in the center. Can't be losing those expensive dollies and all their granny made garments!

Another gift for under the tree. What next? Maybe another bag or two. I'm on a roll. Leftovers for dinner and I am good to go!

I really need to play with these cams for my old Kenmore. Its been years and I see a stitch or two that would really work in some heirloom applications. I don't have it on my Pfaff. All "play time" will be booked for after the holidays.....Bunny


  1. Really really cute! How could any girl not love this bag for her doll!

  2. I'm so following along now that there are more little girls in my life and in my future!

  3. You really are on a roll! Leftovers, or something in the freezer for dinner really is key for getting projects done. At least for me!
    Any little girl would love to receive a gift like this.

  4. Too cute! Love the color choices!

  5. Wow! what a great job you're doing on the Christmas gifts. I haven't been in the sewing room for quite a while and I'm really feeling it. I love that pretty doll carrier with all the fun fabrics, and will go right out and buy the pattern for the future.

  6. Great little bag! It is so little girl perfect.

    My mother's Singer had cams like that for special stitches - there was a whole box of them like that! It was a special project when she pulled out the box and used a cam for one of those fancy stitches.

  7. So cute, Bunny. You are indeed on a roll! I have always found doll clothes to be satisfying -- and addictive! Can't wait to see what's next!

  8. It's so cute. I wish I had time to make those for my six granddaughters. Everytime you show the old Kenmore it reminds me of my first machine. My daughter knocked it off the desk and I replaced it many years and several machines ago. But I wish I still had it. It was such a great machine.

  9. This looks like a darling little project for our DGGirls, Bunny! You really have been busy!
    Me too, only I can't seem to find time to post any yet.
    I'm off to photograph Ms. C. & her best friend in the matching AM. Girl Felicity tea dresses that I made for them. They are having a Colonial Williamsburg Christmas at her school. Whew...am I glad those are done!

    I still have my old Singer that used cams to create different stitches, but it doesn't work anymore. I just keep my serger sitting on top of the wooden cabinet that the Singer is stored inside. :-(

    Love your new bag, too!


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