Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Another Bag on it's Way

My next bag is sort of a combo of the above two. I love the leather and lace, a classic go together and I love the shape of black Kors bag as well. I have loads of black faux leather. I worked out my own pattern this afternoon and hope to jump right on this tomorrow. I also dyed the lace as you will see. More tomorrow.

Sherrill asked where I got the red pleather. The red is more of the faux leather that I get at Walmart. Its the only fabric I get at Walmart and is quite a nice quality. The rest of the fabrics there, uh, no. I have had really good luck with this product and have seen all sorts of pleathers, some embossed, some checked, a few different colors.

Glad you all like the dolly carrier. It was fun, quick and I know will make one little girl very happy. My gift list is slowly getting accomplished. I am feeling some of the pressure relieved....Bunny


  1. I know you are going to make a stunning bag! I am anxious to get to some bag making too. Your AD carrier is so cute!

  2. A Ha! I wondered if the red pleather you showed in a previous post came from Walmart. But since you have never mentioned Walmart as a source for your fabrics, I thought it was a coincidence that yours looks exactly like the pleather I bought for Walmart to use in a Vogue jacket pattern with color blocking.
    Neat inspiration purse. I admire ladies that switch out their purses often and carry unique statement bags. Unfortunately I am a utilitarian purse person; a size to hold everything and in a color that goes with just about anything.

  3. Bunny, you are a very talented sewer, your creations are beautiful!

  4. Fabulous bag Bunny - came over from SG to see the black with doily but this one is just WONDERFUL!

    Hope you wont mind me 'borrowing' the idea.


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