Simp 2771 and an LRD (Little Red Dress)

It's been busy here with much production happening in the cave. First I made my DGS some jammies he requested for his birthday.

Pattern: Simplicity 2771, my TNT. It is unisex and carries all sized from toddler to big guy. I like that this has no collar. No one would iron a collar on a pair of pajamas so I don't want one. 

You have seen me make this several times so I won't go into too much detail. 

Fabric: Wonderful flannel purchased at the Akwasasne Indian Reservation. The quality is super, selection huge, the prices high, and it helps the tribe. I try to get all my flannel there.  Its 100% cotton and did not shrink at all!  The piping is made from the blue flannel.

Construction: I have reviewed this on PR a couple of times as well as here. The only issue I recommend paying attention to is the neckband. When I bought this pattern I assumed the band was the facing turned outside. NO, no , no! I can't tell you how much time I spent trying to make that work and I even did that on two different pairs of jammies. That's what happens when you don't read directions. Read the directions! Becuase I thought it was the facing turned outward I only cut two bands, left and right. You need to cut four. The band is attached to the bodice extending the width and neckline further. You do that with the first two bands. The remaining two bands become the facing and it is on the inside like it usually is. 

My seams are stitched, serged, and topstitched for the most part. They can be washed to death that way and will hold up. Because the fabric is printed and has a white wrong side I didn't change the thread in my serger and left it white. To make sure little peek a boos of white didn't show at corners and edges, I just took a permanent sharpie in black and colored them as you can see above. If you enlarge you can better see the arrow I put in pointing to the Sharpie ink. I also used the Sharpie to color the insides of the buttonholes, something I often do. 

Highly recommend this pattern. One day I will have the time to make myself one of these pairs of pajamas. In the meantime I need to make an LRD, Little Red Dress. 
DH and I will be attending a posh party New Years Eve. I have decided to make myself a red lace dress. This will be a one night opportunity but because I don't get many such opportunities, I am investing a lot of effort but few dollars. I have three yards of 60 inch red lace. It is a deep cherry red, not as bright as you see above. The lining will be a red poly charmeuse. The lace is flat, the charmeuse shiny which I think will work well. My pattern is this, the "Amazing Fit" dress.

It has been an amazing muslin! According to the pattern, which I read over and over, I needed a size 14 with a D-cup adjustment. Huh? OK, I went with it out of curiosity. I usually use a size 6 and do an FBA. The cleavage is OK with me. With some make up to hide those age spots I think it will be appropriate for the evening. Whats wrong here is the width. This is a princess seam design. I really think I should use either a six or an eight and use the D cup adjustment. Somewhere underneath that billowing fabric is my back. The width on this thing is HUGE. That happens when you put a size 14 on someone who weighs 114 pounds. Under my arms is at least 3 inches that needs to come out, no kidding. Tomorrow's plan is to re work the muslin to hopefully one that will fit. I am undecided whether to play with this one or just recut a 6 with a Dcup. I have to sleep on it. That's usually when I do my best problem resolution. More tomorrow.
It seems the CJ for the AG caused a bit of a stir and I love that. Thanks so much for your comments. 

Belinda asked about my pants pattern being on oak tag and wondered where I got such large pieces. Well, Belinda, I use legal size manila folders and connect them with duct tape after double cutting. This way they can fold up if necessary but I have recently started hanging them in a more organized manner. I think, if you want, you may be able to get the large oaktag from Dick Blick art supplies. For me its easier to just go to Kmart and pick up a pile of legal sized folders. Thanks for asking.....Bunny


  1. Thanks for the info Bunny; I'll be running out to get some legal size folders!

  2. It's going to be an amazingly fitted dress.

  3. yes that bodice is humongous on you! But oh, I can see that dress now, and it is going to be gorgeous! That is a beautiful style and your shiny red beneath the lace will be so festive. I am glad you are sewing for bunny now!

  4. The fabric will look beautiful in that dress design. You can probably also get oak tag at a Parent/Teacher store.
    Beckie in Brentwood, TN

  5. A size 14 sounded way to big from the start, and your muslin bears that out. It looks like a tent! It is a pretty style though. I bet it will be gorgeous when you size it down and make it up in red lace.

  6. Um, I'd just recut that muslin in the size you'd normally use with the D-cup. A 14 sounds waaaaay too big; I know I wouldn't cut a 14 and we're similar in size. I do think that once you're past the muslin that you are going to have one amazing dress - those fabrics are beautiful!

  7. There is no way you need a 14. I use a 12 for my daughter who is 5" 10" and 140 pounds. I'd start over with a six w/ D cup. Great idea with the sharpie.

  8. Hi Bunny, I love that pattern,have used it twice. I have found that you can use your regular size and then pick the bust size based on the cup size recommendation. I think they allow for way too much ease on the Simplicity patterns. check the finished measurements and then use one that is finished measure about 1" bigger than you bust measurement. hope this works out as it will be really pretty in those fabrics. you look great in red.


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