Thursday, December 15, 2011

LRD Muslin #2

A little better, don't you think? and here's the front:
Almost there! I ended up cutting a size 8 in a D cup and did the "petiting" I do to every pattern.  Upon seeing the pics I've decided  to add a bit more width to the side seams to get some more ease , gotta breathe, you know! And I will alter the shape of the shoulder seams, higher toward the neck, lower toward the bone. On the muslin the armscye seams have been cut off and the neckline seam folded under. the cleavage has disappeared. I am also going to drop the waist a tad as I want it just above my natural waist not this much above. And for all you non believers in muslins out there, yesterday's muslin took an hour and a half from cut to sewn and today's muslin the same. Is this not time well spent? I think so, even if I am under the gun here. I don't know if I mentioned it but I will be doing a full gathered skirt, not the slim one in the pattern, sort of a vintage vibe. I hope to get this cut this afternoon......Bunny


  1. ahhh, much better! You will be beautiful, as always, in this dress.

  2. The improvement across the back is dramatic!

  3. I love this pattern so am enjoying watching you make this dress. I'm the one who could use that size 14 bodice, however, definitely not you. This version looks wonderful.

  4. You sharp eyed eagles probably noticed I sewed one of the princess seams inside out. Hey, its a muslin. It didn't affect fit so I just kept stitching. Muslins are nice like that.

    I appreciate all of your fit comments. Thanks so much.

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  6. Definitely time well spent. You'll now be able to breeze through the actual dress.

  7. what fun to watch you sew - you are so fast! Your productivity has astounded me these last few weeks.

    The fit is wonderful and I look forward to seeing a full skirt on that bodice.

  8. What a difference! Much better.
    I love to watch your creative process.

  9. Much better, can't wait to see the red dress!

  10. I'm with you, Bunny! Every time I rush and skip making a muslin, I regret it!
    Even though I am a fairly easy fit, it is still worth the time.

    Can't wait to see your dress!

  11. Bunny, unless you are lucky enough to fit into a pattern as is, I think that muslins are a must. Had you cut your good fabric from yesterday's muslin, I don't think that you would have been able to save it. When I sew clothes, I always make a muslin because I am a petite person also with some extra inches at the waist and tummy due to age.
    I have full confidence in you that you'll finish this dress and you'll look stunning in it. Have a good time!


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