A Wool Felt Bag


This is where I landed. I am making a simple felted wool bag. It is the same pattern that I developed for the leather and lace bag shown here. The seams will be on the outside. I am almost done appliqueing the flower on to the bag.  These are hand dyed wools. I did the green for the stem and leaves and purchased the red eons ago. I treasure my hand dyeds. You can always use the teeniest pieces and they add such depth. They can be pricey but I think worth every penny.  This is not the completed flower. It will be three dimensional. There are a couple of ways I could go and I will experiment to see what works best. Sample flowers can always be used somewhere. 

This bag is for a friend in NH, one who has been particularly kind to our children so sort of a thank you gift. She doesn't have a clue and I know does not read this blog. I want to line this with some red poly. I don't think it will take long to do this. Then I may be on to another bag for a barter situation I have going on. 
That is the news today from the very, very cold Northern Tier of NY. I got up this morning to 21.5 below zero at about seven AM. Right now it is 0º under bright afternoon sunshine. Brrrrrr......stay warm, Bunny


  1. brrrrrr sounds really cold there, in the UK we are having unusually warm weather. The bag is looking lovely sure you friend will be delighted.

  2. I love felted wools. Such fun to play with. I like the contrast of the solid red and green against the houndstooth.

  3. Bunny, that is so cold! I'm glad it's nice and cozy inside your home. I didn't like the idea of a heart on that fabric, but the flower idea is brilliant. It looks great now, but a 3-D flower is going to be quite lovely when it's done. I wish I could have wool in my home. Unfortunately the wool moths came with the house and are impossible to get rid of.

  4. Love the black and white and red color combo!

  5. Oh my goodness, that temperature is ridiculous! But, a wonderful reason to spend the day inside sewing...
    Your bag is going to be lovely, I love the tone of red you are using!

  6. ~~shiver~~ Now THAT is cold!!!!!!!!!

    And your bag is COOL! Its turning out really cute & I look forward to seeing how you make it 3-dimensional next. You are SEW creative, Bunny!

    Stay inside & sew...stay warm!

  7. Love the color scheme for that bag, I'm sure your friend will be very grateful for this beautiful gift.

  8. Celsius or Farenheit? Great bag.


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