I Died and Went to Heaven!

It may have looked like I disappeared from the planet but a sudden extended business trip for Boston DD had me driving down there for the week. I did get to see both sets of grands and it was wonderful, tiring, but wonderful.  Between schlepping munchkins, waiting for housekeeper, etc type stuff, I managed to get most of one day free. I took advantage to visit the new Fabric Place Basement in Natick, Mass. I did feel like I had died and gone to fabric heaven when I walked down those stairs and into  a basement the likes of which I haven't seen in years.Because the fabrics were so well merchandised and the area mucho spacious, I didn't get that overwhelmed feeling. You know the one. When rolls and rolls are stuffed stacked on top of each other in intimidating tightly bound piles on racks that go over your head. While that type of store appears to have impressive stock, it is murderous to shop. Fabric Place Basement is better. The fabrics were all accessible and easy to find and shop. Some were displayed in shelves, others in huge cans, some on tables. There were racks and racks of home dec and absolutely luscious formal fabrics. I truly can't wait to shop for fabric to make a dress for my upcoming nephew's wedding. The ideas were just coming at me so fast and furious with the luxury fabrics! There is an entire quilting department as well as a very large yarn department. Tables and racks of rolls of silk dupionis, chiffons, and crepe de chines were doing their best to seduce. There were tables of large leather hides and smaller hides of all sorts, pink patent leather to metallic blue leather and more. Bins were filled with sewing chochtkeys, buckles, appliques, beading all under 3.00 dollars and much at 99 cents. I tell you, it is textile heaven.

The staff were impressive! Did I have fabriholic written on my face? One staffer commented on my bag and then said "you have to check out these bins for bag buckles." Like I said, seduction, of the most unobtrusive understanding kind.  It was a fabric shopping experience the likes of which I haven't had in years and I hope to get back every time I go down to Boston. I pledge.

I have no affiliation here, just a totally pleasant shopping experience and wanted to pass it on. You can't get this sort of feeling on line, sorry, its just not the same. So without further ado here are what I came home with:
First, the black you see at the bottom is the reason for the visit to begin with. I have been searching for a black wool coating, not a coarse one, that I can actually feel and drape in my hand. I have come close over the past two years but have not been able to match my finds with yardage amounts needed. At FPB I did, purchasing a black angora wool coating that drapes beautifully and is just luscious. Winter coat, here we come! The blue heathery wool you see here is very soft and could work great for a CJ but I doubt that is what I will use it for. It has a teensy blue metallic speck that makes it special and is much prettier IRL.
 This is a silk chiffon that really looks much softer IRL. There is one six inch stripe of geishas among two yards of fabric so I can easily not use the girls if I don't want. I am seeing a summery sheer flow-y top over a cami with this fabric.
Here you can see some great trims for 99 cents a yard that will work wonderfully for outfits for Sophie and Carly. There is a huge selection of very well priced trims.
These buckles  will look great with scarves or worked up on bags. The upper left one is much more salmon colored and really pretty.

Not to give short shrift here, I also managed a quick trip to Fabric Fix in Manchester at the start of my trip and came home with a few goodies as well. Here you can see a lovely 100% wool boucle. You know what that will turn into!
At this point I am brainwashed by Pantone so felt a need to  bring home some of this orange wool coating . This will be felted tomorrow and will be made into bags. I have a vision of grey and orange felted wool swirling around.
I also purchased some lovely white shirting, a rayon/cotton combo. It is what you see under the laces and buckles.

So between these two vendors I have enough to keep me busy for a while. I am glad both these stores are out there for us home sewists. Please give them as much business as you can. We want them to survive, prosper, and be there for our creative needs......Bunny

Fabric Place Basement
321 Speen Street
Cloverleaf Mall
Natick, Mass

The Fabric Fix
45 Blaine Street
Manchester, NH


  1. nice haul! We'll be seeing these goodies again, in wonderful projects!

  2. What wonderful choices you made. If we ever get back up there I will do my part to keep great stores like these prospering.

  3. Great looking fabrics and love the buckles.

  4. The original Fabric Place in Framingham was an institution, which sadly closed its doors about four years ago, leaving a great void in the world of sewing. If you were familiar with this store, you knew that this was the "gold standard" as far as fabric stores are concerned. The fabric was the best quality and the staff helpful and knowledgeable!! I was a Home Ec major at nearby Framingham State, so naturally Fabric Place was an invaluable resource! At one time there were at least four Fabric Place stores in various parts of Massachusets and Rhode Island including a store which only carried home dec fabric/supplies. Even though I live 50 miles from Framingham/Natick, it was well-worth making the pilgrimage to the original store in downtown Framingham. It's wonderful to see that they have opened FPB and that several of the former staff members are once again on-board. I was there in October shortly after they opened, so they were not completely stocked...I can sense a "road trip" to Natick in the not too distant future!! Yes, indeed, Bunny, you have had a "heavenly" experience.

  5. Great haul! I love the geisha's on the chiffon especially, so different! The wool boucle is also gorgeous, can't wait to see what you make with your lovely purchases!

  6. How could you even think of not using the geishas? They are lovely! I see them bordering the bottom of a poet type blouse. I hope they make it onto your finished garment.

  7. A fabric store in Manchester I haven't been to? How did that happen? Next trip to see my parents will surely include a stop in.

  8. That is a great looking haul Bunny - enjoy your future projects I look forward to seeing them.

  9. Happy Birthday, Bunny!! Looks like you treated yourself to some WONDERFUL GIFTS!! I envy you the ability to look at some fabric & envision an end result. I don't seem to have that ability at all. *sigh*

    I can't wait to see what you make with all your new found treasures!


    1. Hmm, I will have to check that out next time I'm near Natick. I do remember the original Fabric Place, a great place to shop!

  10. First, I'm very glad to see that Summerset posted - I was truly getting concerned for her (and her family's) well-being)
    Next, I don't know if I should be be envious, or happy for your Bunny! J/K!!! Oh how I would LOVE to visit that store - sounds delish!!! Those trims are TDF!!!! and only 99 cents??? WoW!!! I (may have mentioned I) used to live near Vogue Fabrics, and I very much miss that store! sigh.


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