Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Macy's made good

I would like to thank Mr. Fred Schutte of Macy's/Bloomingdale's for responding yesterday and making me a satisfied customer.

Mr. Schutte assures me that actions are being taken to make sure that this does not happen to any customer in the future. I felt he was genuine in his concern and effort and appreciate that.

Thanks to all of you dear blog readers for you support and care. Hopefully this well set systems in motion to prevent this travesty of retailing from happening to any future customers of Macy's/Bloomingdales..............Bunny

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Hell hath no fury............Hear that, Macy's?

OK, this is a disgusting post so if you are weak of stomach, move on.

My bedroom is odd colors. The walls are a rich golden apricot which we have had two people copy, lovely. The drapes are a red and gold and beige silk plaid, love them. The overall effect is glowing golds and reds.  Last weekend was the annual spring window cleaning extravaganza at the Sewista household. That meant I washed and ironed those silk drapes and they looked crisp and fresh when I hung them up. We have a beautiful bedroom set. Remember, I sold furniture for many years. The bedspread has been an exquisite white  hand crocheted number that my MIL gifted us over ten years ago. It has sentimental value. We are tired of it though and after hanging the crispy silk drapery, DH and I decided we really needed to retire her gift and get something more co-ordinated. Off to Macy's on line I went.

I have been shopping at Macy's for my home for over thirty years and have always been very pleased. I've have spent thousands there. Without thinking I went to their site and found the perfect set of bedding. It was bed in a bag easy with seven pieces. You can see it on the ripped and torn enclosure that was in the bed in the bag.

Hubby did watch yesterday for the man in the brown shorts with the great legs and called me when it was delivered. I raced in the house and we opened the bag. The smell was disgusting. Hubby says it's cologne and Bad BO. To me it smelled like a dead animal. It rose out of the plastic bag before we could even get it out. Eagerly I pulled the comforter out to get it on our bed. The stink increased and I immediately noticed stains. WTF? Every corner of fabric I turned was full of hairs, what we hope is snot but could be what we called "giz" back in high school. There were all sorts of stains All Over. There were tons of hair All Over. There was a pucking smell All Over. As my blood pressure rose and I flipped the next wad of fabric, there it was: Bug egg cases stuck to the comforter. I started screaming get this thing out of the house, NOW! with numerous Fbombs thrown in. I was bull  shit. We packed it back in the bag and brought it out to the barn. There was no way this smelly bug infested crap was staying in our home.

Clearly, Macy's took a return on this product for a customer who abused it in ways I have never done to any bedding I've ever owned. It went back on a shelf in the warehouse and was pulled for us when we placed our order. This is bedding people. There are laws regarding returned bedding. It's like returning underwear. Come on, Macy's, you should know better.

I immediately fired off a "rate your experience" email to Macy's as well as a customer complaint. I checked of the box to have someone call me. Hasn't happened.  I live in the hinterlands and  it is an hour and a half ride to find any store besides Walmart and Kmart to get bedding. I relied on my years of positive experience with Macy's for my purchase as I have done many times previous. I am beyond disappointed and so pissed off. This morning I had a form email feeling sorry for my "issue" and " here is a label to ship it back. It will be credited when we get it. Thank you very much." The email instructed me that responding would get me no response so don't try. Well, I am responding now, Macy's. This disgusting experience requires  more than a downloaded shipping label and a form email and me taking time out of my  busy day to ship back your garbage.  I don't know what that is but until you do better, you suck..............Bunny

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

A hand picked beaded zip!

I really enjoy this type of sewing. I get off on the small details that maybe just I know about, like Hong Kong seams and such. I certainly don't advertise such things when I wear a garment out. But it's like wearing the lacy, expensive bra underneath a denim work shirt, just makes me feel good inside. Detailed and sometimes secret, that's my favorite type of sewing!

The dress is close to completion and I am all over it to  get it done on time. I will take pics on my form and let my hobbyist photog daughter take the pics of me in it with her killer camera. That will be at the wedding next weekend. More to come...................Bunny