Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Leather and Lace Bag, My Own Pattern

Pattern:  As I have been making bags lately, I have given thought to shapes and styles that I like. Some bag patterns are just overdone and I have been really thinking simple. This bag is the result. It has a removable shoulder strap so it can be used as a clutch as well. It is lined with a pocket.  Its probably  measures about 9 x 11 inches. There is a cuff at the top edge and no particular closure. The front and back are connected by a gusset that is shaped, narrowing down as it approaches the top edge of the bag. It's really very simple and I will make more of this design as it should be quite versatile.

Fabric:  Once again I used the faux leather from WalMart, this time in black. For the "lace" I used a doily from the stash of many I have seemed to have accumulated  over the years. The doily was dry brushed with some jacquard fabric paint and then dipped to get the ombre effect. After that it was painted on the outer edge of the circle with a clear very very fine glitter paint. This stuff is really subtle and I am pleased with how it came out. Unfortunately, it doesn't show on the computer. It's really pretty and low key, not tacky. That glitter paint can easily get tacky so if you plan to use it go low and go slow.

The lining is one of those poly brocades from Joann's. I recommend preshrinking with a good steam press before cutting. You will see it move and shrink right in front of your eyes when you do.

The bag is once again interfaced with a piece of flannel to which fusible fleece has been attached. On the gusset there is also some Peltex fused at the bottom of the bag, where it would sit on a table.

Construction:   The gusset is shaped and turns in at the top edge of the bag. To attach the gusset  the SA that meets up with the curved edge of the bag needs to be clipped. You can also see in this picture the grading that was done. The flannel was next to the public side of the bag and left at its cut size. The other edges were graded down using pinkers. Pinkers cut faux leather like butter.
Once again, I can't stress enough that when sewing with faux leather you must resquare your piece after each seam is stitched. You can see how the bag stretch in the above picture and how I redrew the stitching line to keep it all square.
For the inside pocket I used more faux leather on the brocade. The lining is just too dark for me to show you it in the bag so this is the best pic, before construction.
I have three more bags to make. At the rate of one a day I think it will happen. I may end up keeping one for myself, maybe this one! I love this and would have bought it in a heartbeat. The camera does not do this bag justice.

Next in the queue are some dolly clothes for a fun break. First will be Chanel jacket for the AG doll (eye roll). Of course she will  have skinny jeans to wear with it but alas, I don't think I will find any platforms or stilettos to go with it. Sophie will still love it......Bunny


  1. Great purse, love the leather/lace combo. I can't wait to see the CJ for the AG doll. Should be a scream.

  2. I love your enthusiasm and dedication. This bag resembles the top of a pirate boot, I love this look!

  3. Gorgeous as usual Bunny! Just love your work!

  4. wow your leather and lace bags are so pretty!

  5. This is beautiful, Bunny! Perfect for the Holidays...the lace looks like a snowflake. I think you should keep it!


  6. Thanks everyone. You will see more bags from this pattern. You may not have notice, but it bothers me, the topstitching is catching the light and looks white. It really is all topstitched in black.

    Why do us stitchers always feel we have to explain and sometimes even apologize? I need to do a post on that, LOL!

  7. Wow - what a great look, and as far as explaining, I think it's our critical eye that makes our work so good, but also can cause us some problems...that line is pretty fuzzy and gray!

  8. look forward to seeing more bags - that stuff really does look like leather - I thought it was until I read on.

  9. I love it! I love the lace and the gorgeous lining too. You are so amazing Bunny!

  10. Very cool bag and such a great mix of materials!

  11. That is one gorgeous bag, Bunny! I love that you painted the lace and added a little sparkle to it. I need to find a WalMart that carries that faux leather.


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