The Walk in the Woods skirt

I've started working on an interesting fabric from Emma One Sock. It is a luscious rayon knit with soft shades of greens and beiges, not my usual color choice. I knew I wanted to make a skirt and spent a lot of Eureka midnight moments waking to how I would go about this. I knew I wanted a slender soft look, not a big full gather,  and a curved hem. The big challenge was how to deal with the waistline. This skirt would go with the olive linen top I just made. I will review when done but here are a couple of points I am dealing with now.

I decided to drape the front panel on my form to see what I thought would be the right layout. It wasn't.  The print is horizontal and you can see that having that wide swath of beige and the print above at the waist is just not working. Luckily, I have enough fabric length to move this up and have the beige at the waist line. I draped that and it looked so much better. I am so glad I did this draping before putting in the Inviz Zip. This change will alter  the skirt from a ground hugging maxi to a more ankle showing look, which I think in the end will look better on my five feet. The volume in those super long skirts can sometimes just swallow a shorter babe right up. Hey, I'm thinking positively here!

Because the fabric is lightweight and tends to curl a tad,  I had to give a little extra attention to keeping the seams in line.

I pinned them parallel to the edge far back enough to let the presser foot not be bothered but also did pins on the vertical to further secure the edge from curling. I will stitch the back seam in and proceed to do Kenneth King's Invisible Zip method, love that and thank you Professsor King. Then it will be proceed to the waistline and get it done quick. My inspiration, BTW, was the Style Arc Indigo Maxi but I did not want any pockets. We'll see how this ends up. I am winging it and not using a pattern.


I have begun making my own Greek yogurt in my Instant Pot. I never knew yogurt could taste this good. It is unlike ANYTHING you can get retail, so very easy and thick and rich as can be.  I've done two batches so far and make a batch weekly. To die for. I use the recipe from This Old Gal (who is not old at all.) Her directions are so very clear.....................Bunny


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